Sunday, October 4, 2015

2015 Recap

Check out our video recap of the 2015 season.  Thanks to our supporters, volunteers, parents and participants.  We had a ton of fun!

Special thanks to the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin for their partnership and financial support in helping us expand our 2015 programming! 

In 2015 we were excited to offer a morning and an afternoon session so that we could support more kids  Some of the afternoon session participants had participated in previous year's programming so we did our best to provide intermediate skill development opportunities to them to allow them to keep advancing their skills. Sessions were held on:
  • Saturday, June 20th
  • Saturday, June 27th
  • Saturday, July 11th
  • Saturday, July 18th
  • We held several weeknight sessions as well for field trips and get togethers


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