What Have We Produced?

At TATTS we emphasize process as much as end product. We have seen first hand how this technology exposes TATTS members to a new way to see the world and empowers them in a fun and engaging way. Participants, their families and the volunteers have their 'oh' and 'ah' moments throughout our events and we are are all full of stories of the profound impact TATTS has had on us.

TATTS members have produced amazing raw footage and captured a lot of great still shots.  From that data, each TATTS member produces a personalized video highlighting their favorite footage.  See our YouTube Channel for a variety of those videos as well as some of our favorite images and footage below.

In addition, TATTS is developing a concept we call 'TATTS-in-a-box' (or TATTS IAB for short 'cuz you always need an acronym).  Over the years we've fielded inquiries throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and South America on how to implement this program in other locations.  TATTS IAB will package up instructions, tools, checklists, handouts, parent surveys and a session-based curriculum on how to launch TATTS in your area.  Fund-raising is ongoing for the development of TATTS IAB.

Photo-mosaic of several aerial shots of a local farm
Photo-mosaic of a construction site
Using Pix4D, we generated a point cloud from aerial imagery we collected.

Our kids love Mario so we rigged up a servo to drop Paratrooper Mario.  Kids flew the drone and controlled the drop with the radio.  The goal was to have him drop on a target.  We came close a few times!
Paratrooper Mario

Short flight with fantastic fall colors

As part of our original KickStarter campaign, TATTS members were challenged to make a video of their experience.  We provided a ton of images and video clips, open source music and workstations (thanks to the University of Wisconsin Madison - Landscape Architecture Department).  TATTS members did the rest.  Here are 4 examples.  Take a look, you might get a new perspective too!

Mitchell's Movie

Tate's Movie

Kevin's Movie

Alan's Movie

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