Sunday, January 29, 2017

TATTS Submits Entry to Governor's 2017 Business Plan Contest

A quick post to let all of our supporters know that we submitted an entry to the Wisconsin Governor's Business Plan Contest.  The mission of the contest is:
"to encourage entrepreneurs in the startup state of tech-based businesses in Wisconsin.  The context links up-and-coming entrepreneurs with a statewide network of community resources, expert advice, high-quality education, management talent and possible sources of capital."  
Phase 1 submittals are very limited in scope and word count.  We are sharing our submittal below in the spirit of openness and to solicit feedback from our supports. Wish us luck!
Product/Service Description
Drones provide stunning imagery & video. TATTS, Inc offers drone services with a unique twist; employing young adults on the autism spectrum. Unemployment among this group is estimated to be >70% . TATTS employs them to fly drones as a service & process the results into quality video & 3D data products. TATTS began in 2012 as a volunteer organization funded through crowdsourcing and has served nearly 50 young adults. TATTS has proven that those on the spectrum can maintain & pilot drones as well as process the data into quality end products.

Customer Definition
TATTS will initially focus on the business-to-consumer (B2C) market in southern Wisconsin with a particular emphasis on personal services (weddings and parties).  Secondary customers would be in the agriculture, construction, and insurance markets.  Drone enthusiasts have purchased consumer-grade drones only to realize that flying is difficult and requires safety procedures.  In addition, the data is large and difficult to manipulate.  With formal documented procedures and quality tools, TATTS resolves these issues.

Market Description, Size and Sales Strategy
The FAA released commercial use drone regulations in 2015 and they have been a catalyst to the market. Industry advocate AUVSI estimates the economic impact of the market to be $13B in the United States between 2015-2017 and an additional $82B through 2025. TATTS will sell direct to consumers via the web and wedding conferences and through a partner channel including DJs, public relations firms, social service agencies, engineering firms and insurance agents. Sales will emphasize our unique story, team skills, and product quality. 

Several commercial drone operators exist in Wisconsin but they tend to be highly specialized.  National providers exist as well but our core market focus typically can’t bear the cost to fly crews and equipment in.  Drone enthusiasts are also competitors but the market is already turning as they realize the full lifecycle is not easy. 

See our blog (here) for more information on TATTS, Inc.