Monday, November 10, 2014

Perspective Taking via Drones

Perspective taking is a key social skill.  We need that in any relationship we have be it with family, kids at school, colleagues at work, or romantic relationships.  TATTS targets this directly through the use of aerial imagery from drones.  One example of such an effort is when we asked kids to draw 'before' and 'after' pictures of what they thought their surroundings looked like from a bird's perspective.  Their new insights are wonderful.

BEFORE - Much of what they draw relates to what is immediately around them.

Has the basics - people, building, 2 trees

Shows our group forming an arrow on the ground to be seen from the sky

Has a few buildings

 AFTER - Once they've reviewed the aerial footage, their perspective completely evolves.

Horizon line, roads, several lakes in the area

Full lake represented with a forest of trees around it

Full context of the playground, neighborhood, woods and roads
Imagine how these news perspectives can translate into the rest of their lives be it working in groups at school, participating on a team project at their job or being a loving and supporting partner in a relationship.  It is our hope and focus to help these new skills translate into their rest of their lives.