Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TATTS Featured on 'The UAV Digest' Podcast

A big thank you to David Vanderhoof and Max Flight for featuring the TATTS Project on episode #32 of The UAV Digest podcast.  The UAV Digest is a weekly podcast that focuses on all things related to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).  They gave us ample time to talk about autism and how it impacts people on the spectrum and how TATTS leverages the strengths of kids with autism such as visual thinking and attention to detail. 

Dan and I were thrilled to be able to share the great things the TATTS team accomplished. Give it a listen in your web browser here.  Our hope is that listeners will hear this great story and be interested in replicating it in other places to reach more kids.

TATTS team member editing footage during movie production

Friday, March 7, 2014

Interacting With 3D Point Clouds Derived From Our UAS

Some of the TATTS team members worked with a software product called Pix4D to seam our aerial images together and generate photomosaics and a 3-dimensional point cloud.  These are products commonly used by environmental managers, engineers and planners. 

Thank you so much to Pix4D for working with our organization!

Below are 3 brief video clips of TATTS team members interacting with the 3D point clouds derived  from the aerial imagery we collected via our UAS.

Aerial Images and Resulting Point Cloud

Flying through the building.  Now you see the resemblance to MineCraft

Taking Measurements