TATTS is a 100% volunteer organization.  We were fortunate to start from seed money obtained from a KickStarter campaign back in early 2013.  From that initial fundraising, we were able to purchase our first drone & supplemental equipment, build it, and plan and execute a variety of missions.

We expect to earn 501c(3) status in 2016 and hope that offering a tax write-off for people and organizations will help expand our fund raising capabilities.  In the interim, to help us serve more kids, we are looking for both monetary support and additional equipment and volunteers.  Some of our current needs include:

Cash to Purchase:
  1. Water and snacks for outings
  2. T-shirts for all participants and volunteers
  3. Additional batteries and small drones (for indoor practice flying)
  4. Additional cameras and FPV goggles to more fully outfit our drone fleet and thereby allow more than one child to experience the act of flying at any one time
Volunteers to help with:
  1. Assistance in the field with flying
  2. Assistance in the lab (late in the summer) when we process our videos and still shots into personalized videos
  3. Expansion of our Standard Operations Manual and safety protocols
  4. Expansion of our curriculum to allow us to address particular social or employment skills

If you would like to support us in ANY capacity, please email us at and let us know your thoughts.  Thanks for the support!