What is TATTS?

TATTS is a volunteer run, non-profit organization that leverages drones to develop social and employment skills for people on the autism spectrum while building quality, 3D products. 

With drones and real-time aerial imagery and video, TATTS allows team members to see the world around them from a different perspective.  We work on social and employment skills throughout various stages of the process including construction and/or maintenance of the drone fleet, planning and executing missions in the field, and post-processing the imagery and video into high end, desirable products. 

Some of the products TATTS team members produce are:
  1. Video or still shots of a location or event
  2. Georeferenced imagery
  3. Orthophotos and digital surface models
  4. Point clouds 
Throughout the entire process we emphasize safety (both for TATTS team  members and those in the locations where we are flying), we follow best practices for drone flight (visual line of sight, <400' in altitude, & >5 miles from an airport), and we focus on both the process by which we get there and the end product.

See how TATTS got started back in early 2012 by reading and watching our original KickStarter campaign here.  

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