Our Drones

TATTS has been using a fleet of drones over the years as well as a base station, FPV equipment, TV and flight training software, and a variety of other supplemental tools to support our missions.  Over  the years, the drones themselves have been used quite heavily and we have decommissioned almost all of them.  Our current fundraising is directed toward the replacement of several key hardware components (noted in red below).
  1. Laptop for hosting the flight simulation software, storing all of our footage, communicating with the drones to update firmware and accessing the internet to write this blog. Our laptop was part of a 2 year grant that was graciously provided by the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin. It has subsequently been returned to them at the end of the grant.
  2. 4 microdrones (no GPS but cameras) for inside flying/practice
  3. 1 DJI Phantom 2 with radio controller
  4. GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera on the DJI Phantom 
  5. GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition (with after market 5.6mm non-distortion lens)
  6. Spektrum DX5e and DX8 radios (one for the adult and one for the child)
  7. 21" LCD TV for viewing video in real time and supporting the flight simulation training station.
  8. FatShark Base goggles (adjustable eye pieces to fit the different kids and adults)
  9. ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz 600mw video transmitter and receiver
  10. Numerous LiPO batteries 
  11. Phoenix flight simulator (included the Spektrum DX5e radio and software to run on a laptop)Hitec X1 ACPlus battery charger
  12. Quadframes 200mm landing gear
  13. Quadframes camera gimbal
  14. Skew planar antennas for the video transmitter and receiver
  15. Power converter to run the TV off of a car battery
  16. AV amplifier to boost and split the receiver's video signal to both the goggles and TV
  17. Assorted cables such as a cable to connect the two radios when team flying and RCA cables to connect the video receiver to the TV
  18. Soldering kit and flux
  19. Pix4D - for generating 3D point clouds and orthos from our aerial imagery
In the "early years", we built our drones from scratch (TATTS team members did all the work) or used other equipment that has since been decommissioned.
  1. 2 DJI Flamewheel F550's (build it yourself kits) with radio controllers
  2. 3 DJI Phantom 2s 
TATTS Team Member with F550 Hexacopter

Basestation with Goggles and Phantom 2
Phantom 2 and camera safety check before flying

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