Friday, July 3, 2015

First Outing of 2015 Great Success

The TATTS volunteer team was excited to meet all of the TATTS team members, some of their siblings and their parents/guardians at our first outing for 2015.  We had 18 kids and young adults participating throughout the morning and afternoon sessions.  Thanks to Evangel Life Center for allowing us to utilize your gym to fly the mini and micro drones.  An indoor event was perfect to get us started especially given the rain that came down!

We began with a review of our goals and then did an ice breaker where the kids were asked to interview a team mate.  Sample questions were provided and volunteers helped facilitate.

Orientation - Review of Goals

Kids interviewing each other - practicing social skills
From there TATTS team members broke into 3 stations; a flight simulator station, a drone orientation station and a flying station in the gym.  When asked at the end what they liked best, TATTS team members self-reported that they liked them all - although simulator time and flying seemed to top the list.

TATTS team members on the flight simulator.  Look at that concentration!

Explaining the real-time video feed.  The kids LOVED it!
TATTS team members get flight books & stickers for tasks completed
Flying the mini-drone.  Volunteer, operator & observer

Parents noted significant engagement throughout the day
Volunteers were impressed with the piloting skills of TATTS team members
Lots of room to learn to fly
Drone station taught them about transmitters, GPS and other hardware
It's great to have boys & girls participating

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