Monday, September 9, 2013

Aerial Movie Producers

The last phase of the TATTS Project is the creation of a video to tell the story of what the kids have done throughout this project.  A parent suggestion early on was to also let the kids build their own video based on still photos and footage that we've accumulated over the past several months.  Given that these kids are clearly tuned into the power of video, we decided that the suggestion was a great one.  With that we decided to produce multiple videos; a series of child produced personal videos and one official version that will go out to all the participants and their parents as well as our KickStarter supports who donated $100 or more to the project.

As with all aspects of this project, once given some direction, the kids take the project where they want.  It was enjoyable to see the kids laughing at videos of themselves from the air, marveling at the world from above and being creative with the video software.  Here's a video synopsis of their work in the lab.

We are compiling the videos at present and will post them in the future.

Thanks to the University of Wisconsin Landscape Architecture Department for providing us access to their computer lab for building the videos!

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