Monday, August 5, 2013

Kids Become the Hexarotor

During a test run prior to our Saturday meeting we realized that we had a burned out motor on the hexarotor... and no spare.  Another lesson learned.  Have spare parts!  If nothing else, the TATTS Project has reminded us all that we need to expect the unexpected.  Sounds like autism doesn't it?

In order to keep the project moving and still meet, we decided to mount the GoPro camera, transmitter and battery to a bike helmet and transmit the signal back to the base station.  We decided to turn the kids into the hexarotor!

One of the activities we did this past weekend was have the kids wear the helmet while riding around the park.  We captured video from the helmet and streamed it back to the monitor, recorded the video on the camera itself and also took video of the child riding.

Dan even got into it! 

Here's a quick video of the system and the kids.  Notice the 'ohhs' and 'ahhs'...  More

I'll post video from the bike helmet and the 'Hide & Direct' game (modified Hide & Seek) that we played as well as soon as I get time to process the video.

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