Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Working Session #2 - Soldering, Simulator and Popsicles

We gathered a smaller group of kids this past weekend for a second round of practicing on the simulator and continued building of the hexarotor.  We worked with the kids to really focus on taking off and landing in the simulator.  We noticed they were really enjoying crashing and, although entertaining, it's not so good in reality.  We were impressed how the kids were able to hone in on landing skills.

Henry on the simulator (great landing skills) with Dan assisting
Harrison on the simulator in style with the 10 gallon hat
We also broke out the soldering gun and each of the kids got to take their turn practicing soldering.  We followed that with mounting the ESC's and attaching the arms to the base.  We attached the battery and it successfully powered up.  We need to chase down pics of the soldering but here are a few of the next steps in construction.  Next step is binding the radio to the receiver, calibrating the settings and some testing.

Mitchell mounting a leg to the hexarotor and Henry watching closely

Kevin connecting an ESC and then mounting the leg

Tate attaching an arm

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