Monday, April 29, 2013

Parents meeting a success! Kids already getting into it!

We had 7 families get together on Saturday to discuss the TATTS project, what we'd like our kids to get out of it, how to structure the project (foreshadowing, clear rules, promoting teamwork, etc.), as well as the schedule throughout the summer.  As always, I was impressed by the great ideas that the parents brought to the table both to help their kids be successful, but also to emphasize fun and teamwork.  We laid out the equipment pieces and parts on the table for all to see and gave the kids access to the simulator.

Kevin flying on the simulator!  He's a natural.

DJI F550 Flamewheel - parts on the table

Spektrum DX8 radio - "Lots of switches" is what everyone kept saying.

I was especially excited to see most of the kids hopping on the flight simulator and having a good time.  Here's a few clips:

Connor in the zone

Mitchell teaching his aunt how to fly

In my opinion, the best moment of all was when several of the boys were helping one of the younger ones learn how to work the simulator.  They were polite and kind.  Now that's getting off to a good start.

Kevin and Connor helping Elias Fly on the Simulator

Next weekend we meet again to get the full compliment of kids together.  We will review the project's goals and start building!

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